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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A not-for-profit training and consulting organization made up of policing and mental health professionals.  We work together to provide training and consultation services applying state of the art, evidence based 21st Century behavioral sciences to the needs and challenges of modern policing and public safety. TLC’s professionals bring decades of experience in both policing and behavioral sciences to create a successful integration of the two fields.

Our Story

In May of 2020, the tragic death of George Floyd and its aftermath evoked a deep sense of dismay among a group of socially concerned and conscientious police and mental health professionals.  Dismay and worry erupted due to concern about the well-being of our communities and perplexing relations with police departments whose vital mission is to serve and protect.


We have determined to come together to create an organization with professionals who bring knowledge, skills and commitment to identify complex factors that hinder effective and socially responsive approaches to policing. Our charge is to develop the most effective evidenced-based services that result in practical, real-world improvements to public safety departments and help create better relationships with the communities they serve.  This is our labor of love for our country and our world.

Meet The Team

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