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Our Services

TLC, Inc. provides our police and our community with evidence-based tools, current knowledge, and viable skills to bridge relational gaps, foster adaptive thinking patterns, and demolish dysfunctional ways.

Substantial but practical 21st Century transformative approaches to policing and public safety

Transformation Leadership Collaborative (TLC) provides comprehensive services supporting a substantial but practical reimagining of how policing and public safety work can be approached in the 21st Century and to support improved collaboration between police departments and the communities they serve. 

Operating Beyond Partisanship & Politics

We operate beyond coded language to work at what is real and what is effective. TLC is built to help police departments manage the challenges of 21st Century policing. This includes the capability to address what is – and what is not – currently happening on the streets and in the news that has put barriers between police and their communities.  This includes complex and potentially divisive issues such as proper uses of force, implicit bias, systemic racism, and other potentially polarizing areas.

21st Century science for 21st Century skills

TLC’s professionals have put together a program to incorporate rapidly emerging improved understandings about behavioral choice, self-management, and interpersonal dynamics from neuroscience to enhance individual skill sets and improve organizational systems and structures to support optimal policing. 

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